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The museum of Zarechny (Penza - 19) was successfully opened for visitors on May 30 1984. Museum and Exhibition Center today combines the features of historical, ethnographic, natural and art museums, and it has the archival collection of Zarechny. It is a center of scientific documentation of written and material sources for the history of the city, and it does a great deal of scientific and research work on the study of them.

At present, the museum's collection includes more than 50,000 artifacts and it covers all historical periods of Zarechny, Penza state.

Our Archive of the town holds more than 45,000 documents of the history of urban enterprises and institutions.

LermontovArt Museum

Museum of art is located in one of the most beautiful places of the town - in the North-Eastern part of the Park of M. Y. Lermontov. It was discovered on May 31st , 1984 as a Lermontov pavilion-reading room and was timed to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the town.

Museum and Exhibition Center has extensive exhibition activities. It has more than 20 exhibitions in the museum and up to 10 of them around the city.

Museum has also different club activities, such as mass folk festivals, theatrical events, folk festivals.

Dear Visitors!

Our Museum invite you to attend Exposition halls, Exhibitions and Events.

If you want to order an excursion you should call (8412) 60-73-48

All the questions, connected with activity of our Museum you can ask here :

Unfortunately, we can’t answer all the questions connected with the history of Zarechny and Penza Region. Our Museum reserves the right to decide about the expediency of the answer in every concrete case.

Please, pay your attention!

Mode of work has been changed since January 2013.

On Thursday our Museum is open from 13/00 till 21/00 o’clock.

Other days of the week it works as usual. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday it works from 10/00 till 19/00.

The cashbox is closed an hour earlier.

The Museum and Exhibition center is closed on Monday.


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